Are these representative of the work I create now and hopefully in the future? No. But they are all steps along the way towards being a better artist, and I learned so much through the process of making them.

Based on the latter end of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh’s tragic life, The Sight of Stars seeks to understand into how artists like Van Gogh can create such incredible and beautiful works in the face of overwhelming sadness. The film uses elements, colors and styles similar to those found in Van Gogh’s paintings in order to better capture the connection between his tortured mind, and the magnificent images he covered canvases with from 1880-1890. 

Created during my freshman year at USC.

Music by the brilliant Saad Haddad (saadnhaddad.com)



• Best Student Animated Film, South Dakota Film Festival

• Official Selection, Three Rivers Film Festival (3RFF)

• Official Selection, National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY)

• Official Selection, Speechless Film Festival

• Official Selection, Reality Bytes Independent Student Film Festival